Calendars are explicit schemes used for timekeeping. Calendar shows days, weeks, and months of the year.

Technically, it is a system used to measure and arrange the days, weeks, months, and special events of the year according to a belief system or tradition

In the modern world, a calendar is more than a printed table of days, weeks and months or a system used to measure time. It is a tool that has become part of our daily activities.

The calendar is crucial for us to meet set goals, deadlines, appointments and of course valuation of productivity.


Have you ever wondered how calendars came into existence?

Here it is:

Few things in this world can be relied on — the sun and the moon are loyal, steady, and true. The accuracy of the earth rotation around the sun year after year, at the same time every month, the change in the shape of the moon, starts as a crescent in the night sky, then shrinks and this takes about thirty sunsets and sunrises.

Humans having noticed the cosmic patterns for as long as they have had backs straight enough to stand and look to the sky, have tried to predict and measure those cosmic patterns for good reasons. By counting days and nights by the passage of the sun and the moon, they could predict changes in the weather, time and seasons.

The first attested and formulized calendars date to the Bronze Age, dependent on the development of writing in the ancient Near East. The Sumerian calendar was the earliest, followed by the Egyptian, Assyrian and Elamite calendars. (Wikipedia)

These ancient people could tell when winter is approaching, when you have longer days or shorter night, vice-versa. They would know when to plant crops; when to look for a particular animal; when their animals were likely to give birth; and when to give thanks to the gods.
Today, our history tells us to count those days to plan meetings, book vacations, plan events and a host of other things on our Calendars.
Our history and existence depend on the use of a calendar to order our days, now in our time.

If I may ask again what is a calendar? The answers are limitless.

Have you ordered your 2021 calendar?

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Keep tab with us as in our next article we’ll be talking about evolution of calendars and types.