Our Services and Clients

Selecting a print partner can be a painful experience. Do you buy from the cheapest? If I pay more what do I get?

If you have come this far on our site, you will hopefully be on the way to answering these questions. The Afkar experience starts with customer service.

Estimating is fast and prices are realistic and negotiable. On agreement, work is scheduled and using the latest software, files are checked and converted, where necessary to PDF format for signing off. 

The printing plates are all Computer to Plate (CTP).

Printing commences on our 3 Heidelberg presses and run to International ink weights and signs off to visual or measured standards. We run 24 hours shifts and workflow is combined in press and finishing. The agreed date is our target always and our members of staff are daily briefed on these schedules.

Customer satisfaction is always our aim and long term business partnership our objective. Potential customers are always welcome to visit our printing plant.

Our Clients