“Quality is not an accident but always the result of intelligent effort”

My experience of “hopping” from departments has made clear to me that good printing is only achieved by all our staff doing their task correctly. The Afkar “TEAM” are trained to do this and check each other’s work also Good quality prints starts in prepress we make sure our customers files are correct to print. The images are of good resolution, bleeds where necessary and the fonts are correct. Any adjustments are carried out and the customer kept informed of any problems. When the artwork is committed to our Kodak Trendsetter (C.T.P)

We double check the printing plates and all being well we are then ready to print.
I then “hop” to the machine room and keep my eyes ready for the first print sheets.

Is the paper correct?
Is the job in fit I ask?

The colour balance matches previous prints, customer proof or international standard ink weights?
The signed off sheet will correspond to the works docket instructions and the print run goes ahead. A final check on quantity is observed to allow for the print finishing operations to be carried out and achieve the final quantity with overs.

Good job our Heidelberg presses can handle running double shifts….
More from me soon.
I am interested to know what you expect of your printer and how Afkar can improve?
“Freddie the Frog”