How to Archive Magazines at Home

Jan 18, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For people wondering how to store your magazines at home, here’s how.
The materials you’ll need:

Archival Plastic Bags.

Packing Paper


Storage Containers.

Step 1

Slide a piece of plain packing paper between the front cover and the first page, then wrap it around to in between the back cover and the back page to prevent the magazine pages from sticking together. Purchase a roll of packing paper to make the process easier if a large number of magazines are to be stored.

Step 2

Seal the magazine in an archival plastic bag to prevent damage.

Step 3

Place the magazines in the storage container, alternating the spines for ease of storage.

Step 4

 Place a piece of cardboard between each magazine to prevent warping.

Step 5

Cover the container or place it in a safe place, such as a filing cabinet, to prevent objects from falling into it.


  • Use a filing cabinet for ease of cataloging and storing your magazines. A fireproof or fire-safe cabinet might be the best option for very expensive collections. Keep all boxes and storage bins labeled to make finding specific magazines easier.
  • Damage can occur from unexpected events. Make sure to keep your magazines in a cool, safe environment that is free from moisture. If the boxes or cabinet is on the bottom floor, use small two-by-fours or a metal lift to keep the magazines safe from a household flood.
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