What do you know about magazine?

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What is a magazine?

A magazine, which is also called a periodical is a publication that is printed on gloss coated or matte coated paper or electronically published. Magazines are generally published on a regular schedule and contain a variety of content.

The earliest magazines collected a variety of material designed to appeal to particular interests. These influential periodicals contained essays on political and topical issues that continue to be regarded as examples of some of the finest English prose written. Other critical reviews treating literary and political issues also started up in the mid-1700s throughout western Europe, and at the end of the century, specialized periodicals began appearing, devoted to particular fields of intellectual interest, such as archaeology, botany, or philosophy.

The modern magazine has its roots in early printed pamphlets, broadsides, chapbooks, and almanacs, a few of which gradually began appearing at regular intervals.


The main purpose of a magazine is to inform, educate, and entertain.
Magazines serve specific functions to society such as providing information, entertainment, marketing goods and services. It is also a source of income through advertisement and also helps educate on tips, tricks and trends around the world.

They are produced by teams of photographers, writers, designers, editors and Printers’. Readers are confident that they’re going to indulge in a wealth of knowledge that has been well researched, thoroughly strategized and beautifully presented.

A tangible object such as a magazine is something that people keep in their homes for months or even years after they’ve read them. They are usually shared among friends and left on the coffee table to browse at their leisure. Printed magazines stick around far longer than internet ads, online copy and viral material.

Types of Magazines

The three types of magazines are:

1. Popular

Popular magazines appeal to a wide audience, and the focus is on many different subjects. Every general-interest magazine is tailored for a specific enthusiastic reader.
Articles in these publications are written by individuals who are paid to do so and do not require a references list or bibliography.

Advertising in these kinds of publications are for products and services that are widely available and appeal to the readers of that specific publication;

2. Trade and professionals

Trade and professional publications that appeal to a smaller, more specific audience, appeal to individuals who are interested or involved in a specific hobby, trade, user group and profession.
Articles are written by journalists who specialize in that area of interest.

Advertising may be of general interest or specifically targeted to the kind of individuals, practitioners or users reading the special interest publication;

3. Scholar Magazine

Scholar magazine, which may be of limited interest to the general public with articles written by scholars or researchers.
Articles in these publications are written by scholars or researchers in the field of study. References within the article are cited and there is a references list or bibliography which includes full citation information.

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